Postmodernism as an Alternative to Suicide

from by Renegade Kautsky

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Most of us are bound to toil in obscurity. Pursuing a career centered around reading impenetrable texts by dead French men is a good way to come to terms with that. Alternate title: "Postmodernism as an Alternative to Self-Destruction (Although is a deconstruction of the subject not its own kind of 'self'-destruction, as it were?)"


When every therapist has got a waiting list
And the suicide hotline puts you on hold
You might think nobody cares if you're feeling cruddy
You might feel like you're stuck out in the cold
Well, turns out that's true

Nobody cares about you
No one gives a shit about anything you do
Nobody cares about you
And if you think they should
There might be something wrong with you

Demeter heard the radio behind the radio
Transmissions just for her from Marilyn Monroe
Took an ounce, thought she'd announce
Nolo contendere on all counts
When she stood before the judge whose name we can't pronounce

Nobody cares about you
No one gives a shit about anything you do
Nobody cares about you
But if you think they should
There's always something you can do

Mitch Heisman blew his brains out
To get someone to care about
His unreadable, 2,000-page book
Giteau gave much the same harangue
"They'll buy my book once I am hanged!"
Still, no one gave it a thorough look

So you could emulate Peregrinos
And type up a manifesto
But suicide's a bummer if no one cares what you say
So take a hint from postmodernity
And write indecipherably
If you settle for obscurity
They can't throw you away
If they can't understand you
They'll think you have things to say

"Judge Schreber has sunbeams in his ass"
I think I understand Deleuze at last
David Graeber says we're medieval scholastics
But we're still getting tenure, so why not give it a pass?


from Armed Prophets Victorious, released September 7, 2015
Includes an audio clip from an episode of The Simpsons.




Renegade Kautsky Brooklyn, New York

Left-wing lo-fi folk recorded in dingy bedrooms across the American hellscape.

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